Europe – a sound panorama

I am proud to be one of the finalist in the competition.

“Europe – a sound panorama”

Although not a winner the jury has decided to recommend my piece to the competition partners for further distribution.
My biggest congratulations goes out to the ten winners and especially to Lisa Streich, the only other Swede who made it into the finals and, who is one of the ten winners!!!

Please listen to my piece, Scanian Landscapes – Spring:
“This is flat, farmers country getting ready for spring. The soil is thick and awaiting another year of seed.
Wind and rain and sun – they all have their place in life as in this piece.
There is anticipation in the air, what hope doesn’t this season hold?
This composition stops time, and explores the little spaces in between – the grains of time, if you will – then picks up and continues where it left off – as life does.”

Scanian Landscapes – Spring


Sound art for a diverse Europe
“Europe – a sound panorama” is the title of a project by the Goethe Institute of Belgrade,
Deutschlandradio Kultur, Radio Belgrade, the European Broadcasting Union’s (EBU) Ars
Acustica Group, the Institute for Music and Sound at the Centre for Art and Media
Technology in Karlsruhe (ZKM) and the director and media artist Götz Naleppa, calling for
contributions by European sound artists to create their sound impressions of a place in
Europe, which will be assembled into an acoustic composition. Each approximately fiveminute
recording from the disciplines of sound art, radio art and electroacoustic music
should convey an impression of the particularities of the different parts of Europe.