Musik för Marimba och Slagverk

Under 2014 års kammarmusik festival i Båstad skrev jag ett stycke musik för solo-marimba som utvecklades till ett stycke för två marimbor, en vibrafon och crotales.
Stycket – En Rêve, är en dröm över Båstad och hade uruppförande i Apelrydsladan den 28:e Juni 2014

Partitur finns här –>En Rêve – Full Score.pdf
Solo-stämman, dedikerad till Kasper Grøn, finns här –>En Rêve – Marimba Solo.pdf
Filerna är i pdf-format

En zip-fil med partitur och samtliga stämmor finns här –>En Rê
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Written on trains and busses the 24-25:th of June 2014.
Premiered June 28:th, 2014 at Apelrydsladan, Båstad Chambermusic festival with performers from the Percussion Master Class.


En Rêve, In Dream, was concieved when I studied composition for Tobias Broström.
Every day I was commuting from Skurup to Båstad and every day I was struck by Båstads almost continental beauty; I felt like I was in France.
Cobble stone roads, houses with towers and that mountain ridge close to the ocean…
One day on the train, I ran into three French girls on holiday. Patiently they listened to my ideas and kindly helped me translate the tempo markings to French.


The piece begins with us falling to sleep. The marimbas rocks us slowly In Dream. After sudden movements in the vibraphone we are happily strolling on the cobble stones, sun shining and children riding their bikes across the streets not noticing the rocky ride. Bells chime in the distance and the world – or the dream – vanish.
As sudden as it started it is gone.
The dissonance of the beginning is now gone and our sleep is peaceful and calm – or..?


Thanks to Camille, Carole, Raphaëlle for the help with the French